Press Release, Public Statement

DFI Releases Statement on Dismal Nation’s Report Card Results

WASHINGTON–The Defense of Freedom Institute (DFI) released the following statement from DFI Co-Founder Jim Blew after the latest National Assessment of Education Progress (known as NAEP or The Nation’s Report Card) results were released today. The results show reading scores declined to their lowest levels since 1992 and students saw the biggest math declines ever recorded for fourth- and eighth-graders:

Today’s NAEP results should serve as a wake-up call to all those, regardless of party, who have long-defended America’s broken K-12 education system. It has failed far too many kids for far too long. The one-size-fits-none, government-run system’s deficiencies can no longer be ignored or denied. It’s time to come together and reinvent K-12 education from the ground up. Let’s unleash American innovation and ingenuity to solve this problem. Let’s get the unions and all those who protect the interests of the “system” above the interests of kids out of the way.  Let’s give families the autonomy to choose where, when, and how their kids learn.  Let’s let the money for K-12 education follow each individual child to the learning environment of their choice.