Press Release

STATEMENT: Judge Rules Biden Title IX Regulation Cannot Go into Effect in Four States Represented by DFI in First-in-the-Nation Federal Lawsuit

WASHINGTON—The Defense of Freedom Institute for Policy Studies (DFI) President and Co-Founder Bob Eitel released the following statement after the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana granted the motion for preliminary injunction against the Biden administration’s Title IX rule:  

“When President Biden’s Department of Education issued its Title IX regulations last April, we at DFI pledged that we would fight back, and we did by filing the first-in-the-nation lawsuit to stop the regulations. Today, we are pleased that the court has granted the motion for preliminary injunction filed by DFI’s clients and that the court has preliminarily enjoined the Education Department from enforcing these odious rules in the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho. We are confident that other courts and states will soon follow.”

To learn more about the lawsuit DFI filed on behalf of its clients, click here.