Public Statement

DFI Warns of the False Promise of President Biden’s ‘Free College’ Proposal

WASHINGTON—On the heels of President Joe Biden signing the “Inflation Reduction Act”, a bill which codifies many of the Administration’s misguided “Build Back Better” policies into law, the Defense of Freedom Institute warns that it’s only a matter of time before the Administration revives its “Free Community College for All” proposal.  

In its new report, “The False Promise of Free College”, DFI contends a federally funded “free community college” program is a bad idea built on false assumptions about the higher education system and will not lead to better student outcomes or a more productive workforce.  Instead, it will come at tremendous cost to taxpayers and benefit a few special interest groups.

In particular, President Biden’s “free community college” plan:

  • Imposes heavy financial obligations on states while interfering with state-based programs and limiting the ability of community colleges to address local needs.
  • Ignores the low graduation rates at community colleges and the lack of preparedness of high school graduates.
  • Overlooks existing state and federal programs that already help needy students obtain a free postsecondary education.

To read the full report, click here.

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