Press Release

STATEMENT: DFI Releases Statement on Biden Administration’s Final Title IX Rule

WASHINGTON—Defense of Freedom Institute (DFI) President and Co-Founder Bob Eitel released the following statement on the Biden administration’s final Title IX rule that expands the definition of “sex” to include “gender identity” and strikes important due process protections put in place by the previous administration:

President Biden’s new Title IX rule is a textbook example of how extremists in the administration have hijacked the law to force radical changes in American society through its schools, colleges, and universities.

Gender ideology reigns supreme in Biden’s new rule that redefines “sex” under Title IX to include an undefined “gender identity,” despite the law’s exquisitely clear text, purpose, and legislative history that sex is biological and binary.

Although the administration sugar coats its gutting of existing basic due process protections, it is a sure bet that the campus “kangaroo courts” and “guilty until proven innocent” approach to Title IX discipline that plagued schools for so long will now return to campuses.

This Title IX rule will also exacerbate the free speech crisis on campus. Strong-armed by the federal government, school bureaucrats will now leverage the rule’s wildly expansive definition of sex-based harassment to penalize students, faculty, and staff who voice uncomfortable or unpopular opinions and ideas.

This illegal regulatory regime cannot stand. DFI will fight back.