Public Statement

Biden’s Controversial Title IX Rule Receives Record Breaking 163,000 Comments with Four Days Left in Public Comment Period

WASHINGTON—As the Biden Administration pushes forward with its radical re-write of Title IX, the Defense of Freedom Institute for Policy Studies (DFI) is pushing back.  With four days left in the public comment period, the Biden Administration has received a record breaking 163,000 comments from the public on its controversial proposed Title IX rule.   

One of the most egregious proposals would require schools and colleges to allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports and use bathrooms and locker rooms that comport with their “gender identity” instead of biological sex.

“The Biden administration’s effort to shoehorn its radical woke agenda into Title IX would have far-reaching consequences for our nation,” said DFI President and Co-founder Robert S. Eitel. “From stamping out parental rights in classrooms and forcing women to compete against men in sports, to eliminating due process protections for students accused of sexual misconduct, the Biden Administration is weaponizing and distorting this important Federal law. The American people understand this, they are alarmed, and they are rightly fighting back.” 

Here are a few “lowlights” from the Biden Administration’s proposed Title IX rule:    

  • Tramples Parental Rights in K-12
    Biden’s Title IX proposal requires K-12 schools to ignore a student’s biological sex and to accept a child’s choice of gender identity without the approval of the child’s parents.
  • Threatens Free Speech 
    Biden’s Title IX proposal defines sexual harassment so broadly that it will turn Title IX Coordinators into “pronoun police,” force schools to discipline faculty, staff, and students for using the “wrong” pronouns, and erode academic freedom in higher education.
  • Gives Special Favors to Teacher Unions
    Biden’s Title IX proposal makes it harder to discipline unionized K-12 teachers and staff accused of sexual harassment of students.
  • Turns Title IX Coordinators into Campus Commissars
    Biden’s proposal turns Title IX Coordinators into all-powerful “campus commissars” required to monitor and discipline students, faculty, and staff for any perceived violation of the regulations.

DFI recently released the “Dirty Dozen Defects” fact sheet about Biden’s proposed Title IX changes that provides more examples of how the Administration is weaponizing Title IX to advance its woke agenda. 

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