Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: DFI Joins Fight to Defend Free Speech Rights of Public School Employees

WASHINGTON—Defense of Freedom Institute for Policy Studies (DFI) President and Co-Founder Bob Eitel released the following statement on the amicus brief filed by DFI, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, Reason Foundation, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri in Henderson v. Springfield School District 12, a free speech case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit:

“The Defense of Freedom Institute is proud to stand with public school employees Brooke Henderson and Jennifer Lumley as they continue their fight for justice against Springfield Public Schools. We are confident that the court of appeals will see the district court judgment for what it is: a terribly flawed decision without legal support that will do nothing but chill legitimate, good faith claims for violations of civil rights.”

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In the case, two employees of Springfield Public Schools in Missouri sued the school district over mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion training that they claim violated their constitutional rights. A federal court ruled in favor of the school district and then ordered the employees to pay the school district’s attorney’s fees. The employees appealed those decisions to the 8th Circuit.